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At A-1 Electric Co., Inc., we focus on helping our customers and making their lives easier. We're best known for doing the small electrical jobs needed in existing homes and small businesses. We are very good at working with their specialized needs and requirements. Our belief is that you cannot excel at all things. We do not work in factories, industrial buildings or large businesses. We do not build new homes or offices but we do work in small renovations and additions. By working directly with the people most affected by the work, we can be more helpful. We like the feedback we get from customers. It's what makes the work so enjoyable. We constantly hear phrases like: "The electricians were so nice!", "They knew exactly what they were doing", "They cleaned up everything and locked the house when they left." We like hearing that. But, if you don't like something, we want to hear about that too. We want to know if there's something we can do to make it right. Nobody's perfect but we keep our high standards by foreseeing and facing problems rather than ignoring them.


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